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Music And Art Is My Blunt was created by two woman that met on a social media platform called FB!  June aka JuPo Art lives in NY, while Habaka lives in Las Vegas.
Habaka needed a logo and had been following JuPo Art on FB and was absolutely in love with her art work and style so she informed JuPo that she wanted her to design a logo for her. And as they say the rest is history and the friendship began leading them into a business venture to design one of a kind Tee Shirts,using music as a symbol since Habaka is an internaltionally known vocalist and the abstract art of JuPo Art being an internationally known artist "Music And Art Is My Blunt" was born.  

Our motto is "Where Music And Art Become One" and we figured that we wanted to say make a statement with our youth to let them know that music and art can become their source for growth instead of drugs and alcohol. Our desire is to impact our communities as well in making people more aware of the need to have music and art in our schools and or in the lives of our youth.  

At the time of inception of Music And Art Is My Blunt we had never met one another in person, but since that time we have met one another in NY and we felt as if we had known each other for years and better yet that we were family. 

We invite you to join our movement to help keep music and art alive and well and you can do so by purchasing our Tee Shirts where a portion of our proceeds will always be donated to further the education of our music and art students. 

"Music And Art Is My Blunt!"

15% EVERYTHING Apr 5th – 9th Code: 15APRIL19


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JuPo Art Drawing Keyan Williams