Habaka & I have been...feverishly working, on creating some dynamic designs for the music & art lovers of the world!!!  We are like “Peas & Carrots”...spoken in my Forrest Gump Voice. 

I am...in no way...a writer, but Habaka has been after me to contribute to our blog...so here you go!!! 

I am a full time artist... now!! Never thought I’d ever be fortunate enough to say that!! I love what I do!  I mean...I love it so much that, that’s all I do. I don’t wash dishes, i use paper plates...I wash clothes, maybe, once a month.  If I run out of socks, I stop by the supermarket on my way to the art supply store, to pick up a pack.  LOL  When I run out of clean clothes...that’s when I head to the laundromat. 

I am a self-taught artsy person. No formal training here. I feel, and this is just my opinion, one cannot LEARN how to be an artist in school...it has to be handed down from the Creator. Yes, of course, I took art in high school...back in the 70’s, taking those art classes opened up a whole world of...OMG’s, for me. 

I do get frustrated at times. I get Artists block. When that happens, I just don’t feel like doing anything. I lose my desire and creativity. The longest it’s ever happened was for 7 months!! It was horrible. As quick as it fell upon me...it returned. 

I go thru phases also. If you look at my Instagram account @jupo_art, you can see how ...all over the place..my brain is. I just cannot focus for any length of time. I’ll sketch for a few months...then I’ll switch over to drawing on my IPad...next thing you know...I’m digging out the inks....then it’s wine glasses...then it’s just wine lol. Seriously though, I need to keep my art exciting...when I feel people are getting bored seeing some of my work, I’ll switch it up and move on to something different. 

I’ve been told, numerous times that, I am my own worst critic & I’m always trying to top myself. No truer words have ever been spoken....to me. 

So, now you see how all over the place I am, by the way I just wrote all this stuff down. 

In conclusion...I love Music & I love Art & I love people who love both. When I’m commissioned to do something...the customer MUST love the finished piece, not just like, or else I am not satisfied. 

Life is too short, to be serious 24/7.  If you can't laugh every day, you're not living.  Thank you for following us and we hope you LOVE what we are about. 

Peace/Love/Music & Art ️